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Kalam Creations started in 2018 with a simple yet powerful goal: cultivate narratives that foster creative expression within the vibrant South Asian diaspora.

Our focus lies in the art of inter-generational storytelling and nurturing creative self-expression. We firmly believe that within each individual resides a captivating tale, and our mission is to offer a welcoming stage for these narratives to flourish.

Our team is committed to transforming these stories through well-crafted books and other mediums. We are deeply passionate about presenting a distinctive perspective on South Asian narratives with the goal of fostering cultural unity.

WHY we exist

We aim to elevate and promote the artistic contributions of racial minorities, so that their creativity can be enjoyed by all.

HOW we do it

We offer guidance and resources to aspiring artists and creators, facilitating the development of their skills and enabling them to produce their works free from cultural bias.

WHAT we create

We publish a wide range of categories and genres, including fiction and non-fiction, adult, and children's books.

Meet the Team

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